We meet and play at:

Sporting Club Cramlington,
Cramlington Learning Village
Highburn, Cramlington
Northumberland, NE23 6BN

If you would like to get in touch with us, please use the form below:

  1. Afternoon Gents!

    Long time no speak. Hows things going? Been having a peruse of the website and the club looks great still.


  2. Hi,
    I’ve just started working in Bedlington and so would like to start to play in the league in this area.
    Is there a place in a team in the 2nd tier of the league? What night is the home night?

    I don’t want to play every week but if a team is short of a player I wouldn’t mind filling in.


  3. my 10 yr old daughter is keen to try to better herself at Table Tennis and we are looking for a club for beginners.
    Do you have any suggestions please ? We live in Whtley Bay.
    Many thanks
    Annabel Saunders

  4. hi Alan – do you still meet on Fridays for practice. I was thinking coming up this friday with a visitor from Holland who is a keen player ( over 80s!) . How much is the cost now per person. Hope you are keeping well ALan

    Paul Blay – now living in Ebchester Co Durham

  5. Hi I am interested in 1 or 2 days week end to play with other players and to participate in league matches.Please let me know the procedure to join to the club.Thanks..!!

  6. Hi,

    My son Joel and I came to the club two weeks ago and enjoyed ourselves. We met Alan, who seemed keen to get my son involved (less so me strangely). My son was at a party last Friday and we are going to see a show tonight, so apologies. Just thought I’d let you know that we are still keen to join and should be able to attend more regularly from next week.


  7. Hmm – Sorry thought that was a contact form that would send an email not post to the website! I didn’t have any other contact info for Alan and wasn’t sure if the webmaster address would be appropriate. Could the webmaster please remove these messages when they get a chance?


  8. Hi.

    I’m a 41 year old male that is interested in getting back to playing table tennis after MANY years of being “dormant”.

    I used to play at decent level in Dumfries, south West Scotland and represented Scotland at junior level but I am “rusty” to say the least.

    Amongst my social circle no one plays TT so I would be interested to know if there would be any chance to get back into the game at your club and If you could provide me with any information.


    Billy Morgan

  9. Hi there

    Just wanted to find about two things really. Is Alan Hedley still playing table tennis. I know him well as we played for years (such a nice lad)
    and secondly how do I get involved in playing at your club, what do I need to do.

    Many thanks


  10. Hi, Im considering joining the club but i have some reservations.Is there anyone i can talk to regarding this

  11. Hello – I am looking for a table tennis club where I can get some training – I can play a bit but need some proper instruction (I think) to improve. Do you offer training at Cramlington. I am a retired female.


    Julia Black

  12. Hello,
    I am enquiring about this for my son who is aged 8 and has an interest in table tennis. He does not have his own bat or anything like that. Can we just turn up on a Monday? Does he get coaching and someone to play?

    Sorry for all the questions.


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