On Monday evening 19 June 2017 Ouston A hosted a Northumbria Summer League Division fixture against Cramlington Cobras. Ouston’s team was Mark Rodgers, Jeff McKenna and Tom Fowle. Cramlington fielded Paul Jamieson, Blair Carmichael and Mike Jones.

After 3 matches the Cobras were in front having won all the games. As the fourth match was being played between Mark and Paul there was a shout of   “Let” from Blair who had noticed that Mike had dropped his water bottle and hunched forward on his chair. The game was stopped and Mark came over to check on Mike. He soon realised that Mike was not breathing and started CPR. Paul In the meantime Paul rang for an ambulance. Robbie Beckwith, another Ouston player assisted with the CPR by counting the number of compressions and taking over the CPR for a short while.

The CPR was effective and when the paramedics, Kevin Smith and Kenton and emergency care assistant Louise Green, arrived they were able to shock Mike with a defibrillator and administer life-saving treatment before transporting him to the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

Mike had suffered from a cardiac arrest and had he not received the CPR treatment  he would died! He remained in the Freeman for around a week before returning home.

Two months later, on 23 August, Mike returned to Ouston to say thank you to Mark Rodgers, Robbie Beckwith and Kevin Smith who played a part in keeping him alive.

Mike was particular keen to stress the benefit of CPR and encourages others to learn the basics.

The reunion was covered by the Media including BBC TV, Made in Tyne & Wear TV, The Chronicle and Northern Echo.

The Norther Echo covers the story with pictures beginning on link http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/local/northdurham/chesterlestreet//

The TV stations featured the articles on their 6.30 local news programmes. The Links for catch up TV are:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b091vn9x   (Starts at 6.10 minutes finishes at 8.26)

https://www.madeintyneandwear.tv/catchup/?c=news&p=x4ug9l   (Starts at 17.20 minutes finishes at 20.46)

The Chronicle features an article on its Thursday 24 August edition on page 14. For video link see








Left to right: Robbie Beckwith. Kevin Smith, Mike Jones, Mark Rodgers

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