WHAT IS PremierClub?

Table Tennis England is committed through PremierClub, its national programme for club development, to creating a strong club structure in England.

Table Tennis England welcomes the opportunity to embrace Sport England’s CLUBMARK scheme within PremierClub and is pleased to be part of a wider sports club accreditation scheme that is recognised nationwide as representing ‘best practice’.

The greatest asset to Table Tennis in England is its motivated and committed volunteers, administrators, officials and coaches who organise the sport at all levels throughout the country.  Table Tennis England recognises that to achieve the CLUBMARK standard will be a challenge for these volunteers and the clubs they run.  However, it believes the effort will be worthwhile and will result in higher standards and a brighter future for Table Tennis.

PremierCLUBMARK aligns directly with the Sport England CLUBMARK minimum requirements and gives Table Tennis Clubs the best opportunity of achieving this nationally recognised accreditation. PremierCLUBMARK is the starting level for the programmes and will allow a greater number of clubs to receive recognition that they are a club showing high levels of good practice and ongoing development.

PremierClub is the Table Tennis England national programme for club development.


CLUBMARK sets the standard for quality sports clubs.  It is an accreditation scheme that stands for child protection and safety, quality coaching, equal opportunities and good management.

CLUBMARK is the Sport England mark of high quality junior clubs.

A club awarded CLUBMARK can be proud of what it has achieved.  Parents can be assured that their children belong to a safer club.  Members can be sure their club is a well-managed club, striving to offer the best in coaching and sports development.

CLUBMARK continues to grow with 2,500 accredited clubs spread across 25 sports, but there are thousands more sports clubs that can raise their game as Sport England continues to work with sports organisations and local authorities to encourage higher standards.

The goal is for every club to reach higher standards of safety, fairness, coaching and management. That way the nation’s sports club infrastructure will be safer, stronger and more successful.

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