Each year the ETTA (English Table Tennis Association), through their Coaching, Volunteer and Club Awards ceremony, recognise the work done by thousands of volunteers at table tennis clubs throughout the country.

For the year 2009-2010 (November 2009 to October 2010) Cramlington Table Tennis Club were recognised as the ETTA Participation PremierClub of the year.

Alan Hedley (Chairman) and Aubrey Drapkin (Treasurer) were proud to represent the Club in the Awards Ceremony held at Sheffield during the English Open at the end of January 2011.

The Club was shortlisted using a number of criteria including membership growth and recommendation from the ETTA North East Regional Development Manager. It was then invited to write to ETTA to tell them what achievements it was most proud of during the year.

Its response listed 10 major reasons why they should be a front runner for this award. High in the list was the achievements of their younger members through the opportunities provided by the Club. Volunteers, good management, communication and accessibility were all major factors. Above all it was the support of the general membership and guest visitors that enabled the Club to continue to thrive.

Alan Hedley (left) and Aubrey Drapkin (right) received the Award from the ETTA Treasuer

More pictures from the Awards Ceremony can be viewed at http://etta.tv/news/coaching-volunteer-club-awards-2011/


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