CTTC is a registered charity which, amongst other things, means that its Executive Committee (through which the Club is managed) are referred to as Trustees. Every adult Club member has the opportunity of joining the Committee as Trustees are elected annually at the Club’s AGM which is usually held in August. The object of the Club is “The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation by the provision of facilities for playing table tennis”.

There are a set of rules (Constitution) which the Trustees refer to when managing the Club. There are various policies adopted such as “Child Protection”; “Equity”; and “Club Rules”. To help volunteers know exactly what is expected from them there a number of “Job Descriptions” setting out the Role and Responsibilities of the post held by each volunteer. There are further guidance documents on what is expected from members, volunteers and parents.

Copies of policies, job descriptions and the Club’s constitution can be downloaded using the following links:

Cramlington TTC Constitution as amended 9 August 2017

CTTC Child Protection Statement and Policy May 2015

CTTC Equity statement and policy May 2015

CTTC Safeguarding statement and policy May 2015

CTTC Disciplinary Policy and Apeals Procedure May 2017

CTTC Draft General Data Protection Regulation policy 23 05 18 

Job descriptions

Club Chairman

Club Secretary

Club Treasurer

Club Welfare Officer

Club Volunteer Co-ordinator

Club Development Officer

Club Duty Officer

Team Captain

Further documents

CTTC Club Rules and Etiquettes May 2015

CTTC Code of practice for members May 2015

CTTC Code of Practice for Coaches, Players, Officials and Volunteers May 2015

CTTC Guidelines for Parents, Carers, Guardians, 2015

Code of Practice and Guidelines for Cadet and Junior Players April 2015

Alan Hedley (Chairman)
Joe Swinburn (Secretary)
Aubrey Drapkin (Treasurer)
Michael Dunn
Steve Ralph
Iain Wood
David Graham
Michael John Baxter-Jones
Philip Smith
Welfare Officer
Paul Jamieson

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