KO CUP Season 2017-2018

The KO Team Handicap Cup is contested by teams in the Northumbria Table Tennis League. Each team in the competition consists of 3 players with each player from team A playing all the players in team B. There is no doubles so a match consists of 9 games. All games are played on a handicap basis. A grading is allocated to each player who has played in previous season or, if new this season, has completed at least 4 matches in the current league season. Once a player represents a team in the competition they are cup tied to that team for the season. There are specific weeks put aside for rounds 1 to 4 of the competition when matches must be played. You can download the following documents which explain the grading system, provide the regulations of the competition, and give the gradings of players. 


Handicap Cup, 2017-18





Handicap Cup, 2016-17




KO CUP Season 2015-2016

GUIDANCE RE KNOCKOUT CUP 2015-2016    how_your_grade_is_calculated_2015-16  HANCUP2015-2016 RULES    Draw for round 1 KO Cup 2015-16   Handicap KO Cup 2015-16 Round 1 results KO_Cup_2015-16_Draw_Round_2 KO_Cup_2015-16_Round_2_Results                   KO_Cup_2015-16_Draw_Round_3      KO_Cup_2015-16_Round_3_Results    KO_Cup_2015-16_Draw_Round_4         gradings_for_ko_cup_2015-2016_as_at_19_nov_2015_(2)    KO CUP SCORECARD 2015-16


KO CUP Season 2014-2015

Northumbria League Team Handicap KO Cup 2013-14; Final

Guidance on  the grading system;  Rules;  How your grade is calculated;   gradings_for_ko_cup_2014-2015_as_at_16_feb_2015  SCORECARD      Draw for round 1;    Results of round 1     Draw_for_Round_2   Results of round 2                                               Draw for round 3     Results of round 3    Draw for round 4     Results of round 4 and draw for Semi-finals

Download a report on the KO Cup Final 2013-14

Team Handicap KO Cup Final 2014-15

Byker ‘A’ v Cramlington Corinthians served up an entertaining final on Thursday 23 April. Byker’s Premier league players (Dave Robson, Keith Patterson and Christine Burke) gave away substantial starts to Division 3 Corinthians (Mike Dunn, Alex Creighton and Blair Carmichael)  in a neck to neck match which eventually saw the the Corinthians winning by through by 5 games to 4.

Trophies were presented by the the League’s Chairman and Vice Chairman, Aubrey Drapkin and John Donnelly.



Final scorecard and winners picture

Winners:  Cramlington Corinthians – Mike Dunn, Blair Carmichael, Alex Creighton

Runners up: Byker ‘A’ – Dave Robson, Keith Patterson, Christine Burke






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