Northumberland Table Tennis Ltd is a company limited by guarantee that incorporates the Northumberland Table Tennis Association. NTT is affiliated to Table Tennis England.    As well as taking responsibility for County affairs NTT organises the Northumbria Table Tennis League.

The Winter League runs from September to March each season and comprises of 5 divisions each of up to 12 teams.

In a match there are 9 singles and 1 doubles games completed. A team consists of 3 players for singles and 2 players for doubles. It is normal for 2 of the 3 singles players to also compete the doubles game in a match but a team can use 1 or even 2 players additional to those competing in the singles, if they so wish.

The points system is based on one point for each individual game (singles or doubles) won. Thus the winning team can score between 6 to 10 points for a win.

There is also a Summer League running from May to August each year. The summer league is made up of 4 divisions each of 8 teams.

There is also a Team Handicap Knockout Cup in which all teams competing in the League are automatically entered into.

Prompt submission of score cards to the League Secretary ensures they are input on daily basis to an online Table Tennis England data base. This produces league tables and player averages which can be accessed 24/7 online at

Tables and averages are posed periodically on this site and the Northumberland TT site  and occasionally appear in the Evening Chronicle (Wednesday edition).  The Press Secretary produces a weekly summary of match reports and other news which are published in the Evening Chronicle’s Wednesday editition.

Cramlington Table Tennis Club have representation on NTT with Alan Hedley, Aubrey Drapkin, Dale Aitkenhead, Karen Newby and Adrian Barnes being directors of the Company.

This page will  also bring you details of the Team KO Handicap Cup and other related NTT and League information and/or news.

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