Since 2005 the CTTC website was powered through Dreamweaver and has served its purpose admirably for 7 years. Since 2005 technology has moved forward and from 20 September 2012 our webmaster has moved to a new dynamic content management system that allows us to update the site from any computer anywhere. Previously we were confined to managing the site from one desktop, now we are free to update frome anywhere that we have access to a computer.  Welome then to the new site with its new look and new features.

If you a new user accessing the site for the first time you may have come in through a search engine and are looking for a particular topic. You will have been directed to our Home page. All the content of the previous site has been transfered to the new site but you will have to look further in the site. Apologies for the inconvenience but all will pass over within a few weeks as the search engines catch up with our new site and display the information that should take you directly to the topic you were searching for. Until then thank you for being patient.

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