The Northumbria League runs from September to March each season and comprises of 5 divisions each with a capacity of 12  teams.

In a match there are 9 singles and 1 doubles games completed. A team consists of 3 players for singles and 2 players for doubles. It is normal for 2 of the 3 singles players to also compete the doubles game in a match but a team can use 1 or 2 players additional to those competing in the singles, if they so wish. The points system is based on one point for each individual game (singles or doubles) won. Thus the winning team can score between 6 to 10 points for a win. Score cards can be submitted to the League Secretary by email (scanned copy), through the Northumberland Table Tennis website or by post.  The former 2 electronic methods are preferred.

The League Secretary inputs them to an online data base and league tables and individual players’ records are updated immediately. Players can view up to date records at TableTennis 365 / Northumbria

Periodic updates appear on the Cramlington TTC website

League regulations, fixtures and other information can be downloaded from the links in the right hand menu on this page.

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